Smoky Prawn Cocktail

Smoky Prawn Cocktail

The smoky prawn cocktail recipe that will blow your bang average prawn cocktail out of the water! A twist on this classic Christmas starter will have everyone coming back for more. The smoky flavour from the Halen Mon Smoked Water provides a rich flavour giving the prawns a little more edge. 



  • 400g cooked prawns
  • 4 Little Gem lettuces

Smoky Sauce:


  1. Roughly chop the lettuces and divide the leaves evenly between four small bowls
  2. Sprinkle the cooked prawns over the lettuce and season with black pepper and Halen Mon Smoked Sea Salt
  3. Mix the mayonnaise, tomato chutney, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish and Tabasco together. 
  4. Season to taste with lemon juice and salt and pepper, then spoon over the prawns.
  5. Dust the top with a little paprika. Try serving with Salted Black Garlic bread for the ultimate food heaven combo.
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