Takoyaki Octopus Balls

Takoyaki Octopus Balls




  • 200g flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 450ml water
  • pinch of dashi stock powder


  • 100g fresh boiled octopus, chopped
  • 1 bunch spring onion, chopped
  • red pickled ginger
  • tempura flakes



  1. Grab a large bowl and mix 2 eggs, 200g of flour, 450ml of water and a little dashi stock. Set this aside.
  2. Place your takoyaki plate on the gas stove on medium heat and heat a small amount of oil in each hole.
  3. Cut up your octopus into small pieces. Place a piece of octopus in each semi-circular hole and then fill up each hole to the top with the batter.
  4. Now you can add the chopped spring onion, red pickled ginger and tempura flakes to each hole. The amount you add is up to you, but only a small amount will give enough flavour.
  5. Once the takoyaki is about half cooked, about 1-2 minutes flip them over.
  6. All your takoyaki should be round, so keep rotating them in the holes to make sure they cook evenly on all sides. This will take about 3-4 minutes until golden brown on the outside.
  7. Place a few takoyaki on a plate and dress them with Bulldog tonkatsu sauce and Kewpie mayonnaise. Then sprinkle powdered seaweed and bonito flakes on top.

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