Yuzu Fruit - What is it and how to use it

Yuzu Fruit - What is it and how to use it

Yuzu fruits are Japanese citrus fruit that comes from wild yuzu trees. These wild yuzu trees grow randomly along the Tokushima prefecture tracks. The fruits grow between 300 and 400 meters above sea level, and annual production is about 25 tons.

The Yuzu trees are hard to find, and it’s estimated that there are only 500 trees left in the whole Tokushima prefecture!

Using Yuzu Fruit In The Kitchen

Recently, many people have ben swapping out the average lemon for a cheeky bit of yuzu, and we can't blame them! 

Yuzu is a multifunctional fruit, the skin can be used to give fragrance to a dish, the juice can be used to make ponzu, a citrusy dipping sauce and can even be used to cure fish.  Add Yuzu to a dish makes it refreshing whilst giving it a fragrant edge. 

Yuzu can be used in starters, mains, and dessert - why not even try it on your Weetabix... 

Here are a few ways to try out Yuzu

1. Roast Chicken

yuzu chicken with Japanese slaw

Roast chicken marinated in Yuzu to bring a subtle but mouth watering citrus taste, both spiking it with flavour and tenderising the meat.

Find the full recipe here

2. Japanese Inspired Yuzu Cheesecake

yuzu cheesecake on a wooden board

Add a bit of Oriental flavour with one of our all time favourite desserts. Japan's iconic citrus flavour is a perfect addition for a zesty yet moreish Cheesecake.

Find the full recipe here

3. Citrus Granola Bites

citrus granola squares

If you're craving a sweet treat is these little Granola Bites are just what you need. Perfect for an afternoon sugar craving fix! 

Find the full recipe here

Our Yuzu Supplier - Bando Foods

Bando Foods is a small family-owned company and farm based in the Tokushima department of Shikoku Island. Having been established in 1965, Bando Foods are experts when it comes to growing Japanese organic fruits. They grow Japanese yuzu, sudachi and yuko citrus fruits on a surface of more than 7700m2. 

Bando Foods is one of the only companies in Japan to be certified organic growers for Japanese citrus fruits. They go through the complete process of growing the Yuzu fruits to the production.

To purchase yuzu juice click here

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