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Kanzuri 3 Year Fermented Chili-Koji-Yuzu Paste 47G

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ECHIGO MYOKO KANZURI 47G 越後妙高 かんずり 47G Kanzuri is an amazing tasting paste made with chilli, yuzu, Koji and salt that has been aged for 3 years using a traditional method unique to the snowy town of Myoko in Niigata prefecture on Honshu, the main and central island of Japan. It is made using a traditional technique called yukinoshita, which roughly translates as "under-the-snow". To make Kanzuri Japanese Togarashi chilli peppers are scattered just after fresh snow has fallen. They are 'bleached' by the snow before fermentation. This process lasts for a minimum of 3 years. Sometimes as much as 6 years. You cant rush Kanzuri! After the togarashi have been "snow-bleached" they're collected and blended with Koji, Yuzu and Salt in barrels, where the temperature is allowed to rise and fall with the seasons. The wild weather variations in Niigata hot summers and freezing snowy winters mean the barrels must be regularly mixed to ensure a perfect taste and fermentation. After at least 3 years later you get the spicy, zesty and umami packed punch of Kanzuri. Traditionally kanzuri is aded to miso ramen miso soup or you can use it as a condiment. Try spreading a thin layer of Kanzuri on yakitori skewers, or even as a wasabi alternative on sashimi.