Gran Capirete 50 year old Reserva Jerez PDO Sherry Vinegar 250ml

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The finest of the Gran Capirete range, this is the magnificent 50 year old reserva. Used it to enhance flavours of other ingredients to levels. Made from the classic Palomino grapes and carefully aged in American Oak barrels for 50 years using the progressive barrel system ‘Solera’ method. It is produced following the strict PDO regulations which guarantee its quality and taste as it slowly accrues its unique personality. This incredibly long aging produces a dark mahogany colour and smooth, silky texture. It slowly develops a fine aroma of aged red wine, spice and wood with the most elegant, well-balanced deep layers of flavours of dried fruit, nuts and spice. Perfect for salads, vegetables, meats, sauces, stews and desserts!