Hanamaruki Ekitai Shio Koji 500ml

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HANAMARUKI EKITAI SHIO KOJI 500ML ハナマルキ 液体塩こうじ グルテンフリー500ML Ideal for stocks and marinating meats and vegetables. Koji is one of the best-kept secrets in Japanese cooking. It increases 'umami' levels in most things and it's special enzymes break down the proteins in meats and fish to make it much more tender. Try it, you'll never go back. Why use Koji? 1. Koji can remove typical strong smells of meat and makes it soft and tender. The enzyme within koji softens meat and brings out its flavour. 2. Brings out the flavour of many foods. By adding just a little shio koji causes the amino acid within it to breakdown proteins, providing in a fully-flavoured finish. 3. A natural seasoning. Shio koji is made from fermented kome (rice) koji, salt and water, creating a simple and natural condiment. 4. A highly versatile liquid The Hanamaruki brand manufactures shio koji in liquid form, allowing it to easily be used just like soy sauce, mirin or sake.