The Original Black Garlic Peeled x 50g

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Black garlic cloves are made from white garlic which has been heated gently over time until its cloves become sweet, dark and soft. The peeled black garlic cloves are quick and easy to use. Just blend into a salad dressing, or rich stock for soups and even beef chilli. Alternatively just eat as a snack straight from the pot! Black garlic's sweet, mellow flavour with hints of balsamic vinegar and undertones of white garlic make it an intriguing addition to a wide variety of recipes. Black garlic can be added to roasts, pasta, sauces, stir fries, salads and pizzas as well as being enjoyed as a snack in its own right. Black garlic is an entirely natural product which derives its flavour entirely from the ageing process. It also contains twice the number of antioxidants as unaged garlic.